• #1 Pop Single 12/14/15-12/20/15: SoundCell – Loneliness

    SoundCell – Loneliness is the number 1 Pop single for the week on Singrush. SoundCell is an instrumental pop project with a focus – chill, downtempo, electronic – and was founded in January 2008. In music, there is the concept of the “one man band”. This is the accurate description for SoundCell. As a composer, arranger and producer, DIETMAR ZIER created this autobiographical project. No wonder the music is absolutely authentic. The 1st single “Nightflight” was released in February 2009. In March 2009 the 2nd single “Loneliness” was released, then “Farewell” followed. The 1st album “On My Way” came out in November 2009. In 2015 a new single is planned: “Magic Touch,” followed by the new album “Labyrinth.” There will not be any live performances in the future. It is a pure studio project.

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