• Connect With Your Listeners

    StockPhoto37There have been many artists not including a bio when signing up and uploading their music. With this, we have nothing to write about an artist if their song is the top song in a specific genre during a given week. We highly recommend doing this, so you can connect more with your listeners. It gives listeners the chance to understand an artists' background and what influenced them to create their music. The more an artist relates to the listener, it could give the listener a reason to care about the artist, it could help the listener identify something about themselves that they did not before, and it could help the artist have a fan for life. If you are having some trouble brainstorming ideas to include in your bio, here are some things to write about: - Where you are from - Who/what influenced you to become an artist/band - What is your style - List any achievements you have had in your music career - Include your social media accounts! Increase your followers - Include a favorite quote - When creating a bio for a specific song, what inspired you to write the song or who is it dedicated to? These are all just a few suggestions of what you can include in your artist/song bio. Now, get out there and connect with your listeners and increase your fan base!

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