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User Name : @1RealMahdeva 
Alias : Teamdeva, Javoy, Team, Deva 
Email : 
Gender : Male
Phone No : (Hidden)
Country : Jamaica 
City : Morant Bay 
Age : 22 Years
Label : None 
Interested in : R&B,Singer / Songwriter,Producer  
Artists i like : Etana, Jahmiel, Deep Jahi, Jah Cure Etc 
Social Media :  
More Details :
Welcome to a very new beginning of a revolutionary Reggae Dancehall artiste known as Mahdeva who strongly believe that music is a mission and not a competition, so therefore music as no political side based on Mahdeva's prospective. Growth is a wonderful miracle manifested by time. Time symbolize the only true reality which is now, so whatever you do now creates the future ahead of you and the first impression last. So within that time space and a lot of experience with more yet to come the balance between humanity and nature itself has freshly created the most endeavored revolutionary musical artiste you can ever dreamed of ready to present himself to the world. He's known as Mahdeva. "Please check out Mahdeva's new single to be release soon titled Same Grave, feel free to give us your feedbacks and comment on this new track" Mahdeva - Same Grave [AreoDynamic Production] Preview Website: Http://MahdevaMusic.SimDif.Com
  • Mahdeva (Javoy) - Mummy Please Don't Cry
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