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    Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.45.12 AMPromote your music for free on Singrush. Singrush is a competitive platform for independent and unsigned artists to be promoted. Artists, fans, producers, and industry professionals join together to showcase, listen, and discover the best new music. Singrush wants all aspiring music artists to follow their dream in music. Our objective is to bring attention to artists while having the artist compete against other artists within their genre to create a pathway towards musical success. Artists, upload your song for free and generate a fan base to climb to the top of the charts and receive exposure. We believe that at the end of the day the best music will rise to the top through fan judgment. Singrush strives to create a competitive environment to bring out the best in artists. We believe making our top charts is a resume builder for artists. At Singrush, we look to promote our artists in any way possible.  Send us stories of your success to news@singrush.com so we can post them in our news section and possibly on our homepage. Singrush is your online stage for unsigned artists to make noise and be heard. Singrush welcomes all listeners who love fresh, new music. There are three options in which a listener can give an artist feedback on a song. The listener can choose to vote ‘Like’, ‘So-So’, or ‘Dislike’ a song. An artist will receive a score of 2 for a ‘Like’, a score of 1 for a ‘So-So’, and a score of 0 for a ‘Dislike’. The artist with the top song within their genre will be featured on the homepage for extra exposure. At the end of each week (beginning every Monday at 12:00AM EST) the charts will reset for artists to begin competing again for the top song. There is an option to view the monthly and all-time charts to see which songs have received the best listener feedback. Listener feedback is crucial for all Singrush artists. Get started now! Join

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