• Singrush Charts Upgraded

    Singrush has now upgraded our chart system so that our artists can view listener feedback instantly. As soon as a listener gives feedback, a song's score is immediately updated on the weekly charts. We believe this is vital so that artists can track their song's progress throughout each day and will be able to see how their song is comparing with other artists' songs. The charts also have a cleaner look for easier navigation. Take a look at the Charts! How do our charts work? Singrush has a wide variety of different genres for our charts. Every week, artists compete to receive the best listener feedback and obtain the top song within their genre. There are three options for a listener to give feedback: Dislike, So-So, and Like. A 'Dislike' gives the song a score of 0 points. A 'So-So' gives the song a score of 1 point. A 'Like' gives the song a score of 2 points. At the end of the week, the artist with the top score within their genre is featured on our homepage to showcase and help the artist receive more exposure.

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